Bracelets, red, Charlie, turn up the sound, Cain… The appointment series from 11 to 17 march

The return of teen sun “Wristbands red” on TF1 in the new series of Idris Elba, “Charlie, turn up the sound”, on Netflix, roundup of events series for the week of 11 to 17 march. Monday, march 11, TF1 – BRACELETS RED : Thomas, Clement, Roxane and Mehdi we are once again in the corridors of the hospital for a 2nd season of the French series, which has upset the spectators. Canal + – GEARS : final season 7 (2 episodes). OCS City – CRASHING : end of the 3rd season of the american comedy (US +24). Amazon Prime Video – AMERICAN GODS : the Gods are back in a season 2 unedited (US + 24). US – GOOD DOCTOR : end of season 2 on ABC. US – THE PASSING : end of season 1 on Fox. Tuesday, march 12, TF1 – The FATAL WEAPON : start of season 3, marked by the replacement of Clayne Crawford by Seann William Scott. France 3 – UNDER THE SKIN : the spread of the 3 parts of the mini-series police worn by Anne Marivin, Nicolas Gob. C8 – RED SHADOWS : Nadia Farès embarks on a breathless search for the truth alongside Antoine Duléry, Raphaël Lenglet and Lannick Gautry. Serieclub – TIMELESS : the launch of the 2nd and final season of the adventure series SF (2 episodes). Syfy – MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS : final of season 2 of the series super-heroic. BET – THE FAMILY BUSINESS : kick-off of the drama american. US – PROJECT BLUE BOOK : the final of season 1 on History. Wednesday, march 13, TF1 – GREY’S ANATOMY : the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital opens its doors for the 15th season, followed as soon 22.55 new episodes of season 2 of CHICAGO MED. Grey's Anatomy – season 15 trailer VO US – I’m SORRY : end of season 2 on TruTV. Thursday, march 14 France 3 – HAPPY VALLEY : back to business again for Catherine Cawood in a 2nd season. Canal + – THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL : dissemination of the first 2 episodes (out of 6) of the thriller worn by Alexander Skarsgård, Michael Shannon, and Florence Pugh, followed at 22.55, of the season 1 of the dramédie uk THE BISEXUAL. Warner TV – 4BLOCKS : return to the heart of the mafia German with the season 2 novel. US – THE GOOD FIGHT : the launch of season 3 on CBSAA. US – SIREN : start of the second part of season 2 on the Freeform. Friday, march 15, France 2 – CAIN : the facetious captain of police is back for a 7th season. TF1 Series Films – JESSICA JONES : end of season 1 of the series Marvel. Netflix – online of season 1 of the comedy “CHARLIE, turn up THE SOUND with Idris Elba, of the second part of the season 5’s arrested DEVELOPMENT, season 5 LUTHER, season 4 of SCORPION and the season 1 of the animated series” LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS created by David Fincher and Tim Miller. Love, Death + Robots – season 1 trailer VF Amazon Prime Video – MONK : provision of the complete series of police worship with Tony Shalhoub. US – SHRILL : kick-off on Hulu. Saturday, march 16, M6 – MACGYVER : the reboot of the cult series back for a season 3. TMC – THE MYSTERIES OF LOVE : the series celebrates its 500th episode. Sunday, march 17, 13th Street – BERLIN STATION : for its 3rd season, the team is tasked to investigate a situation unstable and dangerous in Estonia. Netflix – ROMANCE IS A BONUS BOOK : the final of season 1 of the Korean drama. US – TRILLION : the launch of season 4 on Showtime. US – HIGH MAINTENANCE : end of season 3 on HBO.

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